Friday, June 3, 2011

Was It Déjà Vu?

Have you ever experienced a feeling or moment in the present that you thought happened in the past?  For me it's no secret how I love the Rastelli Scottish Salmon so it wasn't the meal I've had many times before.... Salmon, drizzled with lemon and extra virgin olive oil baked to perfection served over top a bed of rice.

What was it that prompted the thoughts of Déjà vu?  My husband poured a glass of white to accompany our meal.   As I ever so slowly sipped and savored the taste I had to ask what wine we were drinking....... 

Yes that was it! The wine....Déjà V by Domodimonti... A Passerina 2009 vintage.... What a refreshing feeling came over me with a simple sip.  The chilled slightly sweet texture took me out of the summer heat and placed me onto a wooden patio with cool breezes blowing, overlooking the rolling waters.......  

It brought me back to wonderful time with my husband enjoying dinner on the beaches of mexico overlooking the calm ocean waters with a breeze cooling the heat of the day's sun....

This is the second wine I have had the pleasure of tasting from Domodimonti and I was equally pleased.  After enjoying this wonderful wine, I took notice to the back of the bottle and was intrigued... It read 

"The Passerina grapes reveal an intimate mystery of the past and present.  Toast to the reminiscence of beauty and life and to the true language of men, women and wine."

How fitting was that to the moment I just experienced.  A sip brought a past moment of beauty and tranquility with my husband to the present.

Déjà V by Domodimonti:

Offida, White, Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC)
Grape varieties
Pale yellow with green highlights.
Pleasing nose of citronella, baked apples and pears.
The mouth is suave and gives the impression of residual sugar related to the special texture of the Passerina variety. Rich and silky with good persistence marked by the well ripened white fruit.  Serve at 10°C.

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