Thursday, September 15, 2011

Break Up the Mono"tini"

Sometimes after a long day I like to break up the monotony with a "tini'!  The clock says 5 o'clock and I'm ready for some adult time with my favorite martini!  Ok, so let's check Facebook and Twitter to see where everyone is headed..... Send a text or two and off to meet my martini maker...
The secret to the best martini is of course the Vodka!  We can mix anything up but when it comes down to it the vodka is the key ingredient!  The choice martini for me is a chocolate martini.... I search high and low for great chocolate concoctions..... It doesn't take a mixologist to create the perfect "tini", it takes the perfect blend...  Emperor's has just that perfectness to create perfection in my martini choices...  In particular Winter Palace has attracted my taste buds..  The Emperor's are ultra-premium vodkas distilled 6 times and the only vodkas to be backed by certificates of authenticity from the union of all French distillers....  There are no glycerin's....Ladies glycerin is a carbohydrate so no glycerin no carbohydrate! Another plus it's also made from 100% pure grain wheat....  Emperor's Brand was featured in our VIP room at the 2011 Atlantic City Food and Wine Show and was a hit... We even had a visit from Napoleon who was gracious in offering photo opps for us!  

Since we are in the spirit of recipes here (no pun intended) I figured I'd offer one of my favorite chocolate martini recipes.....

3 Parts Winter Palace vodka
1 part Godiva milk chocolate liqueur
1/2 oz Godiva dark chocolate liqueur
1 part cream

Shake with ice and serve into a chilled martini glass with a chocolate rim garnished with a mint leaf.

If you'd like to try excellence and experience Emperor's Brand ultra-premium vodka let us know and I will pass it along and ask to have it carried at your favorite establishments or retailers in your area.....

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