Friday, July 8, 2011

Christmas In July

For those of us who await the summer months....  Summer is here!  The pools are open, the sun is shining and people are smiling.  New friendships that have formed over the winter blossom at BBQ's and family events.  We have been blessed to meet and become friends with some of the greatest people through sharing Rastelli Direct products at gatherings.  The Rastelli family is just that, family, the more people you enjoy the experience with the larger your family grows.
As people arrive the aromas firing off the grill delight the senses...... Before the delicacies are prepared it's time to partake in a soothing beverage..... The wines await an eager palate...

Fourth of  July weekend everyone gathers and it seems like Christmas in July with all the friends, family, food and spirits.....

This 4th we were blessed to spend it with many friends, some new friends we grew close to over the winter and what a time everyone had.  As they rightfully call their home away from home, Paradise Oasis, right in their very own back yard.  You can see you are taken to a private paradise erasing all thoughts of your past and future days, savoring the moment at hand.

As the beverages are shared the festivities finally begin...Among the wines were Domodimonti, a favorite.   Rastelli foods were on the grill, wines & spirits are being enjoyed.... Ahhhh.... Life is good... 

Simple chicken, beef and veal kabobs complimented both the red and white wines... The kabobs were nicely garnished with pepper, onions and tomatoes drizzled with an organic extra virgin olive oil for just the right finishing touch!

 For those with a taste for a spirit..... Some of the best quenches in the summer heat combine fruit juices with vodka.... But you haven't had the best until you've savored the best vodka I've found and the critics at the party chose....  Fittingly chosen as the best in the Emperor's line was Winter Palace, so smooth that a few simple ice cubes was all that was needed to cool yourself down from the afternoon sun.

*(wine labels in grill photo for photographic purposes)

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