Monday, August 22, 2011

Headed for the Outback, Mate

When I said headed for the Outback, I didn't mean out to eat....I was thinking more like, Australia.  A destination from my bucket list...  For the time being I brought the Outback to our house.

Looking into where in Australia I want to go I came upon Gawler River just west of the major wine producing district of the Barossa Valley.  Intrigued because I so enjoy wine (as you can tell from my blog) I wanted to find a great new Australian wine.
The town of Gawler is abundant with beautiful bed and breakfasts with lush courtyards and peaceful surroundings.  There is a restaurant for whatever your taste desires, from Italian to Thai.  If you just want to relax with a cup of joe you'll find a cafe a short step away.  

After getting wrapped up in all the photos and beauty of Australia I had to get back to the task at hand, Where's the wine? It just so happened we had the pleasure of meeting someone from Australia who introduced us to Wild Fox Wines.  I expected to hear they were like the other Aussie wines I've had.  I was surprised that they weren't.  Wild Fox is certified organic!  (keep telling me more) Their vineyard is true to the best biodynamic and organic farming practices producing award winning wines.....  My other find was in the story of Wild Fox Wines and where it all began.... It began 70 years ago in a village known as Agrelopo on the historic island of Chios, Greece (yes I said Greece).  This is where they farmed in tune with the cycles of the moon and sun, coaxing the seasons, to achieve the ultimate nutrition in their produce from the soil, rain and sun.  

Wild Fox also enjoys the status as one of the states longest certified and premium organic vineyards.  Their vineyard has been organic since 1998 and is A Grade Certified in organics and biodynamics with the Biological Farmers of Australia.  What better can you ask for than that, besides taste.... Wild Fox Wines are also preservative free, making it possible for the most sensitive to indulge...

The other evening we opened a bottle of 2010 Sauvignon Blanc, chilled to perfection.  It was pale and clear with a wonderful fruit intensity abundant with fresh fruit up front leaving a crisp limey after taste with a long and clean finishing.
I served this wine along side brazilian lobster tails and pasta with light oil, garlic, lemon and butter sauce.  Just a hint of crushed red pepper was added to the dish.  The wine added just the right finishing touch accenting the lemon and cooling the pepper.

Add a little flare to your meals by adding a wine from one of your favorite destinations. Look forward to getting home and take yourself to destination unknown with each meal and fine wine.

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