Monday, March 28, 2011

Food & Wine Bring People Together In the Spirit of Charity

Wow! What a weekend!  Actually, what a Friday evening!  A chance event turned into something really special....  Business can be so rewarding... Friday evening we were going to a charitable event in support of fellow business vendors and it turned into much more..  To my surprise we were going to an event at Vince and Janet Papale's... Wow!  This event was for David Aker's Kicks for Kids!  And what was so nice was we arrived and saw our fellow Rastellli friends & family!  Chef Dwight was cooking it up in the kitchen and here Rastelli donated the food to the event...   Great food and of course great wines were being served up!

It's so important to take opportunities to give back.  While we are out wining and dining there are so many people out their struggling with health and financial issues.  Take a minute to think about that and take an experience and turn it around into a giving moment.

I'm posting a few pictures of the event and have to say I'm so proud to be a part of Rastelli, knowing they take the time to give back to the communities!

Vince Papale & Chef Dwight Theophilakos

Eagles David Akers & Me! :)

Me, Chef Dwight and Janet Papale

Chef Dwight & President Ray Rastelli

Hubby with Dick Vermeil

Former Eagle John Runyon & Me

Rastelli Girls!

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