Wednesday, April 6, 2011

California Comfort w/ Elegance

I've been an advocate of many wines, however California wines have been the toughest sell for me until now.  Faustini has brought a new warmth in my heart when it comes to fine wines.

A particular one that caught me off card was the 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon.  The layering of dark fruits with highlights of black cherry, ripe blackberry, plum, dark chocolate & caramelized oak flavors was decadent.

The mixture consists of:

                88% Cabernet Sauvignon
                  7% Malbec
                  3% Petit Verdot
                  2% Merlot

Aging was 22 months new French Oak.

This full bodied red was an excellent pairing to several of my favorites.  Simply enjoyable with my favorite cheeses.

I also found this a wonderful compliment to a cookout with one of my favorite menu items from Rastelli Direct.  BBQ season is upon us and I could not wait to enjoy a Kiva Sun Burger fresh off the grill.  Sitting outside on the deck with a full bodied red, a Kiva Sun Gourmet Burger and a beautiful sundown was a great way to end a busy day with simplicity and elegance.

You can step it up and pair this with a rack of lamb or your favorite pasta dish.  It's all about how you want to spend the evening.  Rastelli takes the aggravation out of shopping by sending high quality foods to your door and puts a 5-Star meal on your table.  The comfort of being home to enjoy time with family or evening a quiet evening to myself is most appealing.  

 Elegant Dining or Comfort food          

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