Monday, May 23, 2011

Real Meals In "Fast Food Time"

Well I can't say it enough but Rastelli has really done it now!! With our family's health in mind they produced the first of an amazing Steamazing!™ line..... Less sodium than your traditional "healthy choice" frozen meals... Portion controlled and most of all a healthy alternative to the drive thru!

My husband and I each had a different meal tonight and equally enjoyed them!

What is Steamazing!™?  Well everything you should have in a meal, portion controlled with  your health in mind!  I say they are Real Meals in Fast Food Time.....

I photographed how they come and the final result after less than 7 minutes....

First they are in a brown bag that can go in the microwave or oven... NO PLASTIC with harmful chemicals!! The box the brown bag in gives you the proper cooking instructions whether you choose to use your microwave or oven.... And the nutritional contents are positioned right next to the cooking instructions...

We couldn't choose on the same meal tonight so I had the Sesame Ginger Chicken.... Popped it in the microwave for six and a half minutes... cut the end of the bag, slide the meal on my plate and BAM! A perfectly balanced meal!

Next my husband's meal......Tropical Garlic Mango Chicken....  Let's just say he loved it and I loved I didn't slave over the stove all day!!

It's an amazing comfort to know that we can prepare our kids a balanced meal in no time when our schedules used to day, let's "Dial a Dinner" or head for the drive thru.....  And for so many of us that depended on the "name brand" frozen dinners to watch our figure.......... These are much lower in sodium and fat than the ones I've seen.. Also, as tasty as if I'm sitting in a gourmet restaurant!

Your family needs to eat and why let time hold you back from a "Real Meal"..... Thanks Rastelli for the start to a great line of "Real Meals in Fast Food Time!"  

Steamazing!™ is the way to go! 

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