Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why Organic Red Italian Wine?

Organic red Italian wines are produced in a manner in which there are zero harmful or negative effects on the environment.

Organic products are for more than the die-hard, health conscious people.  If consumers are purchasing organic foods and products they should be considering the same with their wine purchases.

A few good reasons why to go organic with your wine purchase are:

  • No added sulfites - Sulfites are a primary reason why many suffer wine headaches.  1 in 10 people have a sulfite allergy   Organic wines can only have half the amount of sulfates than non-organic wines.  Sulfites are naturally occurring in many food items, however one reason sulfites are added is to enhance flavor.
  • No use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers
  • Organic products are added to enrich the soil - natural produce, grasses and legume are utilized as  opposed to chemical fertilizers.
A question many ask now is how do they keep the pests away from the vines.

If you look at nature each creation has a purpose and what many of us don't know is just what is there purpose.

Such as utilizing plants and other insects as pesticides:

Ladybugs may be used to keep away the Aphids.

Plants such as mint are used to repel flea beatles.

    The herbs, plants and flowers are used as companion plants and planted below the grape vines to keep away the bugs and insects.

    Organic vineyards are sustainable and do not contaminate the topsoil as farming utilizing pesticides and herbicides does.

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